Motor Finance

Equiniti Pancredit has a proven track record in the motor finance sector.

Over time Equiniti Pancredit has deployed systems in support of motor finance for Lombard, GE Capital, GMAC and enjoys active relationships with the UK’s leading independent motor finance companies.

Continuing exposure to the leading edge of motor finance has enabled the software to develop in the key areas the market demands. Dynamic injection of features and functionality enhanced from personal lending software and asset finance software enables Equiniti Pancredit’s clients to promote a basket of attractive alternatives to established POS motor finance products, in order to face off the threat to market share posed by today’s direct, volume personal lenders. This works extremely well and increased volumes of business and higher customer retention is the increasing result.

The motor finance software provides excellent, end to end processing, for those finance companies that see the benefit in an integrated but interoperable IT solution. Some of the principal functions and capabilities of Core Pancredit are brought to the fore in motor finance software:


Web deployed, branded dealer and branch based deal modelling and quotation/data capture, web branded internal call centre consoles, document production, margin/commission calculations;


Proposal management embracing third party agency links for credit reference and fraud, vehicle data; payments registration/amendment etc., automated scoring, underwriting and associated workflow. Also incorporating Electronic Signature so that the dealer can take the customer through the entire credit application process via a tablet or other device and be signed in real-time.

Contract Management

Robust and comprehensive administration of financial agreements. Highly automated, accurate, reconcilable and flexible enough to mirror any corporate / product structure;


Employing the same decision making processes, based on database fields, implemented throughout the system this motor finance software uses structured workflow based queuing, work allocation, automated and manual activity scheduling, work review console, dynamic work re-allocation. Statistical and performance monitoring and reporting.

Equiniti Pancredit’s open connectivity through its gateway interface, employing industry standards such as SOAP, XML and J2EE, positions it well in the “Contract Management Space” for those who wish to take a “best of breed”, component lead architecture, whether communicating peer-to-peer or via middleware.

"Equiniti Pancredit is a long standing company, that has successfully negotiated the highs and lows of various economic cycles, which gives it an important track record, heritage and pedigree compared to its competitors."
David James, CFO, MotoNovo Finance

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