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On behalf of its customers the Core Pancredit loan servicing platform manages a total loan book of over £13bn.

There has been strong growth in the consumer credit industry for a number of years now which has made this industry not only vibrant but also very competitive. At the same time, compliance requirements are increasing and pressure is being put on lenders to be more responsible as well as competitive.

Proven capability

Equiniti Pancredit has extensive experience in supporting the administration of personal loan portfolios using a high degree of automation. Our personal loan software is very scalable, and is currently supporting the largest loan book in Europe through thousands of branches and other direct channels. We also have a number of mid-range clients, who between them use the personal loan software to administer loan books on behalf of over 100 affinity partners. As an alternative, Equiniti Pancredit can provide the personal loan software as a service over the Internet for smaller clients with simple requirements who do not wish to make a significant investment in infrastructure.

The use of automated links to national services, including payments registration, amendment and collection, credit reference and fraud, complements the application's facilities for automated decision-making, risk management and up/down/cross sell activities.

Channel support

Key channels for new business are supported by self-service web applications for Internet clients and intranet call centre/branch deployment. These also cover customer care, loan servicing and collections. The ability to deploy over Internet and intranet allows business rules to be defined once and tailored for each channel using Equiniti Pancredit’s innovative MADE credit decisioning module.

Business may be sourced from a variety of intermediaries including brokers, dealers, vendors and retailers, with the system managing all aspects of the third party relationships.

Equiniti Pancredit supports affinity lending through rapidly deployable schemes and dynamic branding - from website bannering to document styling and content.

Product support

The full range of personal lending products are supported, including 1st and 2nd mortgages, unsecured loans, revolving credit and personal reserve. A high degree of product flexibility is provided including fixed and variable interest, interest only, deferred interest, payment holidays and cash back loans.

Mindful of the need to perform in a competitive market, Equiniti Pancredit's clients also make extensive use of the system's ability to manage and collect layered value-added products, such as payment protection insurance and fees.


The loan administration software can be deployed for end-to-end processing or on a component basis. This flexibility satisfies the requirements of start-ups, through international expansion to bank/group wide lending platforms.  It can also be offered as a fully Loan Servicing BPO outsourced solution.

Complemented by an industry experienced team and delivered through structured program and account management, Equiniti Pancredit represents a trusted and proven personal loan administration software for some of the UK's largest loan providers.

“Equiniti Pancredit’s software is critical for Everyday Loans’ business. We process thousands of applications daily and we rely heavily on the fact that the system is always available and can underwrite the applications in real time. Our staff really like the system. The Front Office module deployed in our branches is particularly intuitive and easy to use.”
Danny Malone, Chief Executive at Everyday Loans

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