Electronic Signature Solution

Equiniti Pancredit’s electronic signature solution enables providers of consumer credit agreements to digitise the entire credit application process, including a binding customer signature.

The e-signature solution is a configurable module which supports the electronic signature of loan applications created in Core Pancredit. It allows companies across the retail, personal loan and motor finance industries to remove physical paperwork from the credit application process. By making it a completely digital process, it is more efficient, by not only removing the need for association administration, but it also means the turnaround time between the initial application and approval is considerably reduced.

Key elements of the e-signature solution are:-

  • Once an application is approved, it creates a binding agreement and Standard European Consumer Credit Information (SECCI) are presented to the customer as a PDF.
  • A customer can then sign via a tablet or click on a tick box to confirm their acceptance
  • The process is much faster and can often be completed in real time at the point of sale
  • It significantly enhances the buying process for customers, improving customer service

Equiniti Pancredit’s e-signature solution can be delivered by using our e-sign web page or integrated into a provider’s existing web portal.  The solution is also fully interoperable with the company’s suite of intelligent lending software products, enabling finance companies already using Core Pancredit to quickly add this functionality to their existing systems.

At the time of signing an agreement the system records the date, time and IP address of the device signed on and generates automatic confirmations, which are sent to the customer, lender and vendor, making the process quick and easy for all parties.  Also, importantly the document is then saved as an encrypted PDF.

Our Electronic Signature solution has been successfully installed and proven with one major UK retailer, so we are very excited to launch the solution to the wider market. The solution works seamlessly with Equiniti Pancredit’s existing portfolio and, when implemented, will further augment the operations of a number of our lender customers across the retail, personal loan and motor finance industries.

Graham Donald, Managing Director, Equiniti Pancredit