Credit Decisioning

MADE is a powerful intelligent Credit Decisioning system.

MADE combines data from all major credit reference agencies with applicant data from Core Pancredit to provide an extremely powerful intelligent decision making system.

MADE allows risk managers to implement their credit and risk policies and automate underwriting of loan applications. It uses an applicant’s credit profile to calculate a risk based price or determine which products an applicant qualifies for. It can also perform electronic ID checks and triangulate an applicant’s address with their bank and credit/debit card details.

MADE contains a number of tools to implement decision rules: 

  • Decision trees
  • Multi-dimensional look-ups
  • Scorecards
  • User defined functions and formulae
  • Rule sets

Any number of decision points can be created and linked together using the underlying workflow engine.

MADE contains a diagnostic facility that allows complex rules and scorecards to be tested, providing a full trace of how a decision has been arrived at.

A particularly powerful feature of MADE is its ability to manipulate raw credit data from the agencies to create new characteristics that can be used in decisioning without the need to commission development.

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Brian Cheyne, Head of Treasury Services, Open University


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