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Panintelligence is Equiniti Pancredit's browser based, real-time management information dashboard.

The Panintelligence dashboard allows management to determine Key Performance Indicators across all areas of the business. Targets can be set for new business, credit and risk, customer servicing and collections, pushed down through the organisation structure, and staff at all levels will be alerted when positive or negative thresholds are crossed.

This proactive approach to business intelligence replaces traditional paper-based reporting where management information is typically aggregated on a monthly basis and is always out of date. Rather than hunting through pages of reports to identify key trends in the business, management can specify the information that matters to them and monitor it in real-time.

Many of the Equiniti Pancredit customers use the Panintelligence dashboard as their management reporting tool. 

I think Equiniti Pancredit has a great story and a great product and I am pleased for them with the recent new business gains.

David James, CFO, MotoNovo Finance

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