Sourcing Solution delivers significant benefits to brokers

Thu 19th May 2016

With the secure lending market having reached a five year high in January 2016, and second charge mortgages now growing faster than traditional remortgages, brokers are keen to become more efficient and increase the volume of loan applications.

Equiniti Pancredit’s sourcing solution has a number of key features which improves efficiency and decreases the amount of time to process an application. It also integrates with key partners which enhances the customer experience.

The broking technology integrates with credit reference agency Equifax, which results in superior accuracy of loan sourcing for applicants, leading to more conversions. By connecting directly with lenders, the sourcing solution also removes manual paper-based underwriting and it reduces the need to re-key application details increasing the speed of the application process. Equiniti Pancredit’s solution also has a high degree of detail and accuracy as lender panels are continuously maintained.

All of these features combine to make it easier for brokers to make the most of the current opportunities in the secure loan market. Brokers using Equiniti Pancredit’s sourcing solution have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes for them to process applications which allows advisors to spend more time talking to customer, improving their overall experience.