Pancredit releases latest versions of agency links

Tue 1st May 2012

Pancredit’s market leading decision engine MADE now supports the latest versions of the credit reference links to Equifax, Callcredit and Experian. Equifax CPU Link Issue 3 Revision 2 May 2011 and CallReport Version 7 are both supported and Pancredit was the first company to implement the Experian SCEMS solution, at Ikano Financial Services.

MADE is able to use all of the data supplied by the main credit reference agencies to implement credit and risk strategies and automate underwriting, risk based pricing, affordability checks and product sourcing. Powerful in-built functions allow risk managers to manipulate the raw credit data to create their own characteristics for use in scorecards and policy rules.

Support is also provided for CallValidate Version 4.4 to undertake electronic ID verification, anti-money laundering checks and bank account validation.