Pancredit awarded Open University Loans contract

Thu 1st March 2012

Leeds-based software publisher, Pancredit, has been awarded a 10 year contract to supply its market leading loans platform to The Open University. The change in the fees regime for university students has made the availability of affordable loans for students all the more important as a means of paying for course fees and The Open University needed to replace its existing loans software with a solution that was more flexible.

The contract award was the result of a thorough public tender process which resulted in 11 potential suppliers being evaluated before the contract was finally awarded to .Pancredit. Says Peter Constance, Pancredit’s MD: “The Open University looked at all the loans software providers in the market and decided that pancredit offered the best combination of functionality, flexibility and value for money. We are delighted with the outcome, which demonstrates that we remain at the forefront of loan software providers in the UK.”